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Strength training is a key component to improving the quality of life for every individual. There are many functional benefits to adding strength training to your workout regime. There is no need to be intimidated or concerned with strength training, this is completely safe and effective tool to treating and preventing chronic disease.


Equally important to strength training is maintaining and building upon any cardiovascular development you have up to this point. Maintaining the functionality of the cardiovascular system is paramount to keeping a high quality of life.


Joint health and muscle recovery only become more important as we age. This is truly a use it or lose it component to our health. Flexibility and mobility is far too undervalued in our exercise programs and it is time to make it a priority in your life.


QualityLife Fitness is dedicated to helping people with chronic health conditions improve their quality of life through exercise and nutritional interventions. We view exercise as a means of treatment and prevention for many diseases our society suffers with on a daily basis. Our goal is to get you back to doing the things you love and living your highest quality life.



Colin is your trainer when pulling together your fitness plan. His instruction online is well thought out and his demonstrations display proper form while providing a complete fitness regiment that works with busy schedules. Colin is a friend, confidante, and trainer! He knows how to connect with clients on a personal level, and develops fitness plans that reflect your preferences. He’s a great trainer and a lot of fun to be around.

Nancy M.

I love working out with Colin Laughlin and have been able to lose weight, gain strength and lose several clothes sizes.  He is very professional, caring and dedicated to my success.  His workouts are varied and tailored to me personally and are always challenging but fun.  He is very knowledgeable about knows how each exercise affects the muscle groups. Colin has been the best personal trainer I have ever worked with!

Wendy M.

I have worked exclusively with Colin since 2018. And, I am a huge fan!

I trust Colin. I think that is most important when considering a trainer. Workouts are planned in advance so “no, what do you want to work on today”. During the initial assessment, we talked a lot about my goals and what I want to accomplish. I’ll tell you what that is…55 push-ups by my 55th birthday!

I don’t even keep count anymore because I’m sure we’ve already surpassed that number!

I have a long history of medical challenges. Colin has always been very supportive of me and when I call him and say “my back is killing me, could you please plan a workout that will strengthen and stretch out my back tomorrow”, Colin is on it. I walked out of our session feeling like liquid. Another time, I said “Colin, my doctor wants me to do hand strengthening exercises”. Colin gives me four exercises off the top of his head.  Colin is very knowledgeable in fitness as well as having a good background in physical therapy exercises. And, Colin is great to be around. Very compassionate about what he does and it shows through our interactions and workouts. Colin has helped me build muscle and feel more confident. Colin has helped me build muscle,  feel more confident.

I would highly recommend Colin for all your fitness needs.

Maria B.

The gym is a place I used to dread. I was intimidated by all of the equipment that I didn’t know how to use and wandered aimlessly from one machine to the next not knowing what I was doing. All of that changed when I found Quality Life Fitness! They have provided me with personalized workouts that are easy to follow, challenging, and focused on meeting my goals.

Also, there are helpful videos attached to demonstrate the proper way to do each exercise. Now I love going to the gym! Each week I look forward to receiving and completing the next fitness program from them. I enjoy the individualized plans that are never the same and know that I’ve had a great, productive and well rounded workout when I leave the gym.