Group Training

Small Group Training

Start a new training group with your friends or join an existing group! We keep our group training small to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Groups are no larger than six people at one time, allowing proper supervision of everyone exercising. Enjoy a friendly and motivating environment with friends all working towards a higher quality life!

What You Get

  • Free consultation
  • Fitness assessment
  • Nutrition packet
  • Health evaluation
  • Goal setting session
  • Guided post workout stretching
  • Safety
  • Access to cardio equipment any time


How long are the workouts?

Workouts are 45 minutes long with 5 minutes of stretching at the end of the session.

How do I join an already existing group?

Pick a time that works well for you and tryout the first workout for free!

Can I create my own group?

We highly encourage that. Having a group of friends and family working together is not only fun, but also highly motivational.

Do I need previous exercise experience?

No. We work with people of all different backgrounds. No prior experience with exercise is completely fine.

Do you have exercise machines?

We do not use machines aside from a select few. Our reasoning for this is that we want to train you in a way that is functional and can be translated to activities outside of the gym.

What if I have an injury?

Provide you have clearance from a doctor to exercise, we are able to work around most injuries. We focus on training other parts of the body while the injury heals.

How often do groups workout?

The answer to this one depends. It is based on the group’s needs and schedule. Most groups train 2 times per week.